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PopAds Tracking

PopAds is very easy to work with. Create your pop-traffic campaigns step by step and ask for approval. Most important step is creating your unique affiliate tracking link.

PopAds makes tracking performance and per-traffic-source optimization possible by using dynamic URL tags. These are special keywords you can use in the URL field when creating a campaign that will be replaced with the actual information during the adserving process. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

At this moment the platform support following tags:

  • [WEBSITEID] – ID of the website that was source of the popunder,
  • [CATEGORYID] – ID of the category of traffic source website,
  • [CATEGORYNAME] – Name of the category of traffic source website,
  • [ISPID] – ID of ISP of visitor,
  • [ISPNAME] – Name of ISP of visitor,
  • [COUNTRY] – country of the visitor.
  • [QUALITY] – Quality score of the website from which the impression orignated. It is a number, from 1 to 10, where 1 means lowest quality website (All websites) and 10 means highest quality website (top 10% of our publisher websites),
  • [BID] – price of the impression.
  • [SCREENRESOLUTION] – Detected screen resolution of the visitor,
  • [OSNAME] – Operating System name, for example Windows 8.1,
  • [BROWSERNAME] – Browser name, for example Firefox 32,
  • [FORMFACTORNAME] – Form factor name, for example Smartphone or Tablet,
  • [DEVICENAME] – Name of the device that visitor uses to browse the Internet, for example Apple iPhone,
  • [CAMPAIGNID] – ID of campaign,
  • [CAMPAIGNNAME] – Name of campaign,
  • [OSID] – ID of Operating System(for future use),
  • [BROWSERID] – ID of Browser(for future use),
  • [FORMFACTORID] – ID of Form Factor(for future use),
  • [DEVICEID] – ID of Device(for future use),
  • [IMPRESSIONID] – unique ID of the impression. This can be used for troubleshooting/debugging process in case of traffic mistargeting.

For example, if you buy traffic to[WEBSITEID] our system will change the keyword into actual value, for instance - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

Later you can use Website targeting option to block underperforming websites or you can create campaigns targeted towards the best performing ones.