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10 reasons why your contextual ad is not working NativeBTSheader

U didn’t use smart keywords in your headline and content.
We highly recommend you to do keyword research before campagne set-up.
You could use the 7Search or Google Adwords estimator for starters.
Make a list of 500 lines with short and long-tail keywords are start broad with bids as low as you can. Make different ad-groups with different keyword-sets and start pushing traffic.
Run it for 24 hours and determine which groups work out for you.

Your add description does not cover the exact goal of your landingspage.
Sounds a bit stupid, but really understand what your LP is about and what your goal is.
The tekst-ad should match description content on your website.

Your average bid is too low for the keywords, GEO & niche you want to target on.

With the first set up of the campaign, you enabled too much targeting on interest & category. During estimation-test on volumes it would give you some traffic, but after saving your campaign, you won’t receive any incoming sources.

A clearly identifiable logo – If the only branding on the creative is a logo,
that exact logo must also be on the landing page to be sufficient.

A landing page URL – If the only branding on the creative is a landing
page URL, that URL must be the URL the creative has as its landing page.

A distinct brand name – If the only branding on the creative is a distinct
brand name, the brand name must not be an actual word and when it appears
on the creative it cannot be confused for other, non-branded text (e.g. BestTrafficShop).

Also, the brand name must be a distinct set of actual words and the landing
page must exactly match this and/or have a distinct, matching typeface as
the creative (e.g. “The Best Wedding Music” goes to
and/or is written in red bold on both the creative and the landing page).

Further, the content of the page must match the implied offer.

U didn’t use Day Parting! Getting too many clicks during the night?
Those clicks comin’ in when your sleeping, knowing they won’t convert into customers?

Download the paper about Day Parting & Campagne Pre SetsBTSadvertiserbanner

I recommend you to test out on platforms like


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