52 sources, 52 reviews

“Aussie Roadtrip” – “52 sources, 52 reviews”

“Before we go any further, you should know some things about me”

i do not consider myself as a ‘Guru” and i’m not here to sell you any products!
I do have a lot of knowledge and experience about the (Australian) Affiliate Market.
I did bought and read many of those ‘guru-stuff’ ebooks and training-video’s to find out what’s out there. After searching for the best strategies and testing these A LOT,
i was able to pick up some of the best working money-making-channels for affiliates. Your luck is that i decided to just throw the proven-working-methods for generating website traffic.

“I just want to share my learnings, trial-errors and successes. Read my personal blogs about traffic sources to use for yourself”

Why should you follow us?

Help us test out sources, markets, products and systems and you can learn and earn!
By following us, you can save yourself a lot of time and money.
We are connected to high-positioned managers, decision makers.
Last year we developed some quality traffic resources.
We will reveal these sources and help you set up your first converting affiliate campaign

  1. Revisitors ( 1 dollar trial offer)mundobannerFB
  2. Affiliate Networks
  3. MoustacheMedia (Premium Partner)
  4. Co-reg with publishers for building database
  5. SeoClerks 1 dollar traffic
  6. Social Media Traffic like FPTtraffic
  7. BuySiteTraffic
  8. Pop Up & Pop Under traffic
  9. Real Time Bidding Traffic Systems
  10. Incentivized Traffic
  11. Solo Ads Advertisement
  12. Email Marketing Traffic
  13. BestTrafficShop (Premium Partner)
  14. FaceBook Traffic
  15. Mobile APP Traffic
  16. And so much more!

“Get inspired by the sources we’ll test and help us upscaling with them”

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