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How to build your downline of affiliates with AustralianAffiliateNetworks?

Make sure you always have your refer-link close to show or place onlineMake sure you’ve got a professional signature and refer-link in your emails. Make sure you know Moustache it’s terms, best offers, best traffic sources, services, USP’s, GEO’s. Let’s go APAC!

What do you have to offer as a representative of AustralianAffiliateNetworks?
How can you convince affiliate marketeers to start promote our affiliate campaigns? Make sure you learn about traffic types, KPI’s, rates, conversion improvement, networking and service!

Forums to be active!

Go ask for specific projects | research | link-building | graphics |  Traffic Services
Start creation services being Super Affiliate with your own product!

Write a review about Australian Affiliate Networks. 
Use services for PLR and link-building on this review blog with SeoClerks guys. Question on MyMediaAds for specific traffic or leads in niche verticals & GEO’s. Be really specific about the terms to work on, before you know you’ll be chatting with 10 different dodgy Ads Networks on your skype, wasting your time.

1. What can you offer?
2. What do you need?
3. Create a win-win situation!




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