ShortCodes of terms


Payouts mostly to pub by advertiser 
CPM = Cost per Mille (1000)
CPL = Cost per Lead ( i.e. firstname, email, phonenr, zippcode)
CPC = Cost per Click
CPI = Cost per Install (mobile only, promoting APPS or mobile offerwalls
CPA = Cost per Action (i.e. paying gamblers or binary traders, order anti-aging products)
FTD = stands for converted on action(.i.e. paid with creditcard)

Click to Conversion = Payout on a single clickthrough!
(on Carrier targeted traffic mostly, mobile pin submits)

Revshare = share in each deposit of your referred player, most often lifetime
Vertical = which niche market / subject of the offer

GEO = which country to target on

OR          = Open Rate | Impression Rate
CTR        = Click Through Rate
CR            = conversion rate
eCPC     = earnings per click on average
eCPM    = earnings per 1000 impressions / view

EOM = End of Month
EOY = End of Year

SOI = Single Optin 
(converts on just fill in the details on the landingspage, mostly email or phone details)
DOI = Doi Optin  
(converts on a confirmed lead, meaning also validated / replied on his email-adres)

Incentivized Traffic
Non-Incentivized Traffic

NET+7 = Stands for payment terms after ending month
We pay our publishers on NET+30 or NET+45.
Some premiums longterm partners receive their payments on NET+15,
mostly when they buy high volumes traffic or use their publishers for generating traffic.
Local Aussie Advertisers are bit slower, but working directly with them gives you and me more margins on the campaigns.